1. Homemade light & muh girl.

  2. A montage of my work over the passed year. 

  4. Step Up 15

  5. Directors being directors…

  7. Venice Beach Skatepark

  8. youbroketheinternet:

    dream sunday whip

    (Source: bakerie, via cafepourdeux)

  9. ememmatthews:

    The latest Pixies video, created by LAMAR+NIK was released today.  I play INDIE CINDY.  Check it out and show some support for these awesome directors.

    Directed by LAMAR+NIK (www.lamarplusnik.com)
    Director of Photography: Spenser Sakurai 
    1st AC: John Dewberry
    Gaffer: Cole Rachal

    Indie Cindy: Emily Matthews
    Boyfriend: Mark Johns
    Hooded Man: Miles Kolliopoulos

  10. A few snaps from my 2 year anniversary with Amanda :-)

  11. Norman Music Festival 

  12. Mac Demarco. 

  13. Another from SXSW. As of now I am going to turn this blog into a place to document my journey into film photography. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask me any questions along the way!

  14. While at SXSW we crashed on an, essentially, random persons couch for a few days. Here were some of her things. The more and more I shoot with film, the more and more I begin to obsess over it. Film is such a tangible way to take photos. It officially wins over digital in my book. 

  15. A few screenshots from my next film. “A PORTRAIT: CHRIS SANFORD”